When reasons collapse + Praetoria

Hudba / koncert / deathcore

Město: České Budějovice

Datum: 26.04.2016 od 20:30 hod.

Místo: Music bar Velbloud


When Reasons Collapse (Deathcore, France)
Founded in 2008 in Paris (FR), When Reasons Collapse strives to deliver a powerful, brutal yet melodic music.
The band plays a mix of deathcore/metalcore together with many other influences and have the particularity to have some brutal female vocals.
After releasing two self-produced EPs in 2010 (Tale Of Crime) and 2011 (Full Of Lies), played more than 120 gigs across Europe, the band is promoting its first album: DARK PASSENGERS.

Praetoria (Deathcore, France)
Praetoria started in February 2009 with Michaël Rodrigues and Jonathan Davenport (Guitar and Drums).
It took a few months before they found the exact style they wanted to play in.
The band found his place in a mix between Thrash Metal for the impact and Death Metal for the violence.

They quickly got joined by Pierre Klementieff on guitar, and after a few gigs with different musicians, finally managed to make up the final line-up with Alexandre Lopes at vocals and Morgan « Tama » Stacpoole on bass.

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